March, 2013

A Different Kind of March Madness

While everyone else is glued to the TV, I’m up to my eyeballs in registration forms for the 5th Annual Ozark Writing Project Middle Grade Conference. The conference is May 10, 2013 and will be held at Missouri State University. We are expecting 600-700 students and their teachers to attend. This year we are offering twenty three different writing sessions, taught by authors, writing project TCs & MSU students:Comic Books & Story Telling, Altered Books & Found Poems, Telling True Stories, Getting Wild With Writing, SLAM Poetry, Creative Writing in Digital Space, Whose Line is it Anyway?, Immersed in Verse, Mapping Your Setting, Appeal of Zany Inventions, Writing Though the Senses, TeamUp.WriteUp.CrackUp., Mapping the Past, Once Upon A Cool Motorcycle Dude, A World of My Own, Discover Your  Writing Personality, Weaving Music Into Your Story, It’s All About the Slant, Reality On Sale Today, Toils & Troubles & Twists…Oh My!, Creating Imaginative Worlds, Play Detective, and Write a Spooky Story.
Needless to say-putting on an event this large is time consuming and requires a lot of work! Recently, I was reminded why it’s all worth it. Branson, one of the schools that attends the OWP Youth Conference asks the students who wish to attend to write  letters explaining why.  One of the teachers passed a few of them on-they are precious!
Here are a few excerpts:
I love to write…Wait, I don’t just love to write writing is my life. I write at school, at home, in the car and at any restaurant that allows pen and paper. I will write …about anything.

I think the Young Authors Conference is an excellent opportunity to learn about many different types of writing and skills that authors use. I think I would be a good young author to bring on the trip to Missouri State University because I love writing and I am very eager to learn new writing skills and forms of writing. I also want to be an author when I grow up and I want to start learning how to become a better one now.

I would love to go to the Young Writers Conference at Missouri State University because, well,I’ve always loved tp write. I think its really fun to sit down at your desk with a pencil and just put all of my thoughts onto paper. A pencil and paper is all you need to take you on a journey to somewhere…I really like how you can just go into your own little world while writing, explore new things that you’ve never bothered to before. Be yourself. Express your thoughts, feelings, and, well, you.

And so I’ll continue to toil. Who knows, we may be inspiring a future J.K. Rowling!



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