February, 2013

Networking at Art of the Book Workshop

I spent a delightful day at the MSU Brick City building. Many of the workshop participants were friends & acquaintances from the OWP  and it was nice to catch up on what they’ve been doing. In addition, I had a chance to chat with James Baumlin, a professor at MSU and editor at Moon City Press. I look forward to partnering with him on future ventures, possibly a project involving The Big Read.  I was also impressed with Judith Fowler. I am hoping she’ll be able to present at the OWP Youth Conference and she may prove to be a valuable contact for the SCBWI illustrators.

The conference opened with Prof. Richards discussing the history of literacy. Did you know that one of the first fiction stories ever recorded was about the pharoh’s wife losing her wig?

He also shared facsimiles of old books.

Then Judith Fowler led a workshop on various techniques for book making.



After lunch, participants learned how to make several other foldables and reflected on how to implement using book making in the classroom. Prof Baumlin shared materials on Poe he will be publishing soon for The Big Read. After a quick tour of the gallery and collecting $50 gift certificates to use towards supplies for book making in the classroom, we dispersed.  I’d like to thank Dr. Keri Franklin for the opportunity to speak at this event-as always, my association with the  Ozark Writing Project continues to expand my horizons!

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