January, 2013

The Art of The Book Workshop & More…

I’m so thrilled to be a part of the NWP.  Those folks have their fingers in a lotta pies! As the OWP Youth Coordinator, I recently met with our site team at MSU to begin planning the 5th annual MG Youth Conference, which I expect to draw 750 students and teachers, on Friday, May 10. I’m honored to be flying to the Spring meeting in DC on behalf of our site in March. Members from across the country will be  lobbying for the return of federal funding for the NWP. I also happily agreed to present at Dinner & Demo in April- an event where teachers can get together , have a bite to eat and share best practices.  Next, I set a tentative date for a Writing Marathon in July, and when Dr. Keri Franklin, our site director, mentioned a Weekend Writing Retreat might be fun, I actively began the search for a site.  Think I’ll shoot for October for that one! But first things first-I’m pleased to be a part of The Book Workshop Team. Hope those of you in the area will come & join us! See details below.

“The Art of the Book”

9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Saturday, February 9, in Room 102 of Brick City Art Building (MSU downtown campus)

One hour of graduate credit at a 50% reduction

Save your seat today! http://bit.ly/11nDiE4

Workshop Description and Aims

This daylong teacher-training workshop contributes to a statewide NEA-funded project that is being administered by the Missouri Center for the Book (MCB, of which Dr. Baumlin is a board member); the MCB is a state affiliate of the national Library of Congress and housed in the State Library in Jefferson City. This statewide project, “Celebrating the Art of the Book,” promotes literacy in the schools by providing hands-on workshops to students (primarily in middle school grades) on “book arts.” Using the National Writing Project model, the focus in southwest Missouri is provide hands-on workshops to teachers to help them find ideas for celebrating the art of the book in their classrooms with students. The immediate aim of this teacher-training workshop is to provide a pedagogic model for as many as twenty K-12  teachers in the Ozarks region. Drawn from among area teachers in all disciplines, participants will be expected to replicate the workshop’s four omponents in their own classrooms, for their own students.  These components include:

(1) a brief discussion of the history of the book and demonstration of the traditional manuscript- and print-based technologies pertaining to the codex format;

(2) a composition component, when students produce their own verbal/visual texts;

(3) a component in book layout/design, when students will learn ways to arrange their texts/illustrations in page formats;

(4) a component in techniques for folding, binding, and cutting pages, when students will put finishing touches on books of their own creation.

One immediate outcome of these workshops will be the students’ own books which, under their teachers’ guidance, they will have made for themselves.  A second outcome will be the students’ heightened understanding of and appreciation for the historical, technological, literary, and esthetic elements of the traditional codex-book—in sum, for what a book is and how it is produced. (This
second outcome addresses the cultural “shift” from print- to web-based communication; it is a reminder to students that “book arts” matter.) A third and most important outcome is to raise the students’ verbal/visual literacy skills by immersing students in activities of reading/writing and technical/esthetic judgment. Having made a book of their own, students will be inspired to read and appreciate the books of others.

Note that a precondition for participation is that teachers commit to replicating the aims/techniques taught in this workshop in their own classrooms. By this means, the “Teacher-Training Workshop in ‘The Art of the Book’” can reach and impact 1,000+ students across the Ozarks.

NEA funds ($3,000) will be used primarily to provide complementary books and modest stipend-incentives to school teachers who attend and to cover workshop costs of the workshop, e.g. beverages and lunch. The complementary book will be Stories and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe: An Enriched Edition. This book has been selected for the April 2013 “Big Read,” a local literacy initiative sponsored by the Springfield-Green County Public Library System, to which our proposed teacher-training workshop gives support. This is a book that some teachers (and/or their students) may want to pattern their own “book arts” workshop upon.

Additional resources (paper and art supplies, promotional/organizational oversight, correspondence with participants, etc.) will be supplied by the art education program and “Arts on heels” program (Dir. Judith Fowler) of the MSU Department of Art and Design and by the Ozarks Writing Project (Dr. Keri Franklin), which has assumed an institutional leadership role in this teacher-training workshop. As a further incentive for workshop participants, Dr. Franklin of the OWP has formally requested that the University offer one hour reduced credit fee and waive student fees for ENG 665.001: Literature and Language. Participants who wish to receive graduate credit for this teacher-training workshop may enroll in ENG 665 for the spring 2013 semester. Please fill out this form to enroll in the course: http://outreach.missouristate.edu/assets/outreach/Spring2013CourseEnroll.pdf.

Tentative “Workshop Schedule

“Teacher-Training Workshop in ‘The Art of the Book’” is scheduled for February 9, 2013 in Room 102 of the Department of Art and Design’s Brick City Building in the MSU downtown Springfield campus. This workshop will be an opportunity for the art education program to show off its newly-refurbished downtown facility. A schedule follows.

9:00 a.m. Coffee and welcoming remarks by Dr. Rachelle Darabi, MSU Associate Provost for Student Development and Public Affairs.

9:10-10:00 Presentation by Prof. Richards on the history and technologies of literacy (confirmed), with a break for questions. (Mr. Richards will show artifacts/facsimiles demonstrating
the evolution of writing and its preservation in written/printed texts.)

10:10-12:00 and 1:00-3:00: Presentation by Dr. Franklin and Professor Fowler will present on creating books and illustrations and incorporating writing. (Participants will be led through writing exercises applicable to K-12 audiences in order to generate texts.) Simultaneously, Prof. Fowler will work with individuals/small groups to discuss options in formatting. Presentation by Dr.
Fowler on book illustration and various techniques of folding papers and making bindings/book covers. A brief break follows.

12:10 p.m.-1:00 Lunch with Ms. Piddington, who will describe her work as a children’s author and literacy advocate.

3:10-4:00 A post-workshop talk-back facilitated by Dr. Baumlin on the materials covered and ways that participants plan to use these materials in their own classrooms.

Co-sponsoring partners (campus, community, state, and national):

Missouri State University Department of English

Missouri State University Department of Art and Design

Ozarks Writing Project
(OWP, Dir. Dr. Keri Franklin)

MSU “Arts on Wheels” Program
(Dir. Judith Fowler)

Springfield-Greene County Public Library System (SGCPLS)

Various Greene County Public School Systems

National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)

Missouri Center for the Book (MCB)

Project Organizer (for MCB, on behalf of NEA):   Dr. James S. Baumlin, MSU Department of English

Workshop Presenters: Dr. Keri Franklin, MSU Department of English and Director, Ozarks Writing Project ,   Ms. Judith Fowler, MSU Professor, Department of Art and Design,    Ms. Kim
children’s novelist and OWP Co-Director for Youth Programs, Mr. David Richards, MSU Professor of Library Science and Head of Archives and Special Collections.

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