June, 2012

PLWP Writing Retreat at Conception Abbey

Four  of the five MWP’s  were represented at the the 2012 PLWP Writing Retreat held at Conception Abbey, June 8-10.

I was thrilled to have a navigator along for the ride this year, my pal Laura Burdette. After stopping for lunch at Cheesecake Factory in KC, we made it to the Abbey in plenty of time for the evening meeting.

The next day, after a 6 am stroll on Father Damian’s walking trail, I settled in for several hours of writing. I decided to start a brand new project-something decidedly different than the historical fiction I normally gravitate toward. I went with fantasy and had a wonderful time creating characters a little out of this world: a blue bearded gnome, an elf who speaks in rhyme, and a dwarf who rides reindeer.

I’m excited to bring this story to light and will be sharing it with my writing group and at the next SCBWI event-Beyond Bootcamp-at Elfindale on June 22-23.

One last bit of news. I have been named the ARA for the Missouri Region SCBWI. I am so thrilled to be volunteering my time for such a fantastic organization and look forward to assisting the RA, Joyce Ragland, plan our fall conference which will feature Ellen Hopkins & Emma Dreyden. I’ll be learning more about my responsibilities when I attend the SCBWI Summer Conference in Los Angeles.  Not only will I be meeting SCBWI members from around the world-I’ll be attending fantastic sessions with big name authors ( I’m thrilled Jack Gantos , author of one of my favorite books, the Wednesday Wars, will be among them ), agents, and editors. I’ll be attending two intensive classes: Writing for Teens, then Think Like One led by Deborah Halverson & Show It, Don’t Tell It led by Krista Marino.

I’m off to lock myself in my writing room-have a great evening!

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