January, 2012

A Dream Deferred

Crazy events have come a knocking in 2012.

Unexpectedly warm weather has me walking out to the  barn in flip-flops in mid January.

And just as unexpected as 60 degree days in January, I find that my small publisher and I have parted ways-which will defer the publication of my novel, Momma Don’t Own a Machine Gun.  Of course, I’m sad. I’d scouted a location for my launch party in Rockaway Beach (the setting of my novel). I had several conferences and school visits lined up. A local paper was waiting to publish an excerpt. And scores of my former students, who spent numerous lunch periods reading rough drafts, were waiting to hold a copy of the book in their hands.

However, just like the unexpectedly warm weather has brought unexpected benefits (I’m still riding my horses through the woods in January-without a jacket I might add!), I choose to believe that this unexpected development  may prove to be beneficial as well. I am going to carefully pursue finding an agent, which may someday lead to signing with a publishing house that can help me market my book to a wider audience.

So instead of drying up like a raisin in the sun, I hope this dream deferred will explode-

onto the national lit scene some day in the near future. This is one dream that is too dear to me to die.


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