October, 2010

Pumpkin Wars

Halloween is upon us-time to hollow out those gourds and stock up on chocolate! Check out these beauties, painted by students raising money for  breast cancer in the Ozarks.

Reading for Soul of a Poet Series

Tuesday, October 19th, I had the pleasure of reading portions of my manuscript, Momma Don’t Own A Machine Gun, at the Library Center in Springfield. I was happy to see some SWG  and OWP members in the audience! Thanks to MSU for providing me with the opportunity to share!

Waiting for program to start.

Reading my manuscript.

Colleen Appel, poet, Kim Piddington, novelist, Keri Franklin, Director OWP

Ozark Children’s Literature Festival

Kim Piddington and Kate Klise at the Ozark Children's Literature festival

Kim Piddington and David Harrison at the Ozark Children's Literature Festival

Kim Piddington and Roland Smith at the Ozark Children's Literature Festival

I had a fabulous time at the Lit Fest! Great authors giving out good advice, what more could you ask for?

 I really enjoyed Kate Klise’s presentation. She had me hooked as soon as she mentioned Dark Shadows! She showed my students how to create a story using information they might find in a news article. On a personal note, she was SO helpful-gave me a great tip about a writing organization. Check out her latest book, Dying To Meet You.

Although I wasn’t able to watch my new friend David Harrison  present, I caught up with him at the book signing! Check out his great picture book, Pirates, and tune into his blog for the latest on his monthly poetry contests.

 World famous traveler and author Roland Smith was fascinating. We have a similar pre-writing style; putting information on index cards. He takes it one step further and transfers the information to sticky notes which he places on a large board to help him arrange his plot line. I live for the day when I have the office space to do that!My students LOVED his presentation! He lured them in with animal facts and photos, then kept them rolling with amusing anecdotes. Check out, Cryptid Hunters, a past Mark Twain nominee and its sequel, Tentacles.

Featured Interview On David Harrison’s Blog

Children’s author/poet David Harrison is featuring me on his blog today. Check it out http://davidlharrison.wordpress.com/


What a glorious Saturday! My coon dog, Baylei, dragged me along for a four mile walk this morning. We saw a large flock of wild turkeys at the Willis Quarter Horse Farm. When I got back, I planted some pansies. Then I attended a webinar on Science Fiction and Fantasy writing by Kristin Nelson. It was full of tips on how to write a successful query and explained how to avoid common pitfalls in this genre. I was so inspired that I wrote several pages afterwards! Creating a new world is hard work and made me hungry. I’m off to bake a cherry pie!

New Website

I’m so excited to debut the new website! Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback in the planning stages. My other thrilling news is I’m going to be featured on the blog site of children’s poet and author, David L. Harrison, on October 13. I’m looking forward to hearing him and several others (Roland Smith, Kate Klise, Nina Nelson, and Anna Myers to name a few!) at the 30th Annual Children’s Literature Festival of the Ozarks, at Missouri State on October 15th. Well, I’d love to stay and chat, but I need to set up my Twitter and Facebook profiles. Wish me luck, I’m not much of a techie!

Welcome to the site!

As you can see the site is up and running and almost fully functional.

~Logan, webmaster

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